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Dr. Pepti Volume Essence 2.0

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All-in-one solution to resolve multiple functions of wrinkles, brightening and elasticity.

At the moment of rubbing, the oxygen bubble bursts from the skin and penetrates deep into the skin.

It is a highly concentrated essence that changes the texture of skin to prevent aging and is basically an excellent effect on brightening.

Raw Material of Peptide Volume Essence -Containing 12% of expensive peptide raw materials -Containing 5% of expensive raw material, borpyfurin -Containing 43% from UNESCO Clean Area Madagascar Centella asiatica extract All skin types.

How to use:

  1. After cleansing, take a proper amount and apply to forehead, around lips and nose avoiding contact with the eyes area(independent sebaceous gland).
  2. Very gently distribute the essence all over the face. Applying too much force may break the nano liposomal particles.
  3. Wait until bubbles are formed and appear.
  4. When bubbles start dissipating, lightly dab the essence for absorption.

*If you have sensitive skin, start using it in very small amounts.

Allergies, itching and other symptoms may occur.

Your skin may need some time to adjust.

*If there are any substance like lotion, it couldn't bubble up.

Capacity - 100ml

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