IOPE PDRN Caffeine Shot


Inspired by the PDRN injectables popularized in Korea esthetic clinics, the PDRN Caffeine Shot Set is an innovative cosmeceutical solution for visibly lifting and firming the skin.

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PDRN Caffeine Shot Special Set comes with:

PDRN Caffeine Shot 30ml

Bio Conditioning Essence 84ml

Super Vital Cream Bio Potential 15ml

Face Massager 1pc


PDRN Caffeine Shot:

Contains 38% of Bio-PDRN™ (repair water) to care and strengthen skin barrier.

20,000ppm Caffeine enhances skin lifting and helps recover skin elasticity.

Helps swell down the puffed up face and restores skin radiance.


Bio Conditioning Essence:

Fast-absorbing lightweight watery texture to quickly moisturize dry skin and maintaining skin moisture without feeling greasy.

Prepares the skin to receive full benefits of the skincare to follow.


Super Vital Cream Bio Potential:

Contains Bio Seletinoid 20 and Lacto-Exosome which helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes, skin brightening, and helps strengthening skin's barrier.

Has a rich texture which creates a protecting shield on your skin that could last for a whole night immediately after absorption.


How to use:

Gently spread over on the face after toning and massage across the face line.

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