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LA'DOR eco professional

La dor eco professional Keratin Power Glue (Keratin Ampoule) 4 unidades



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Snail mucin for your hair? Yes!

Here's a secret:

Korean women give their hair the same amount of love as their skin, which means Korean hair products are often infused with the same groundbreaking ingredients found in skin care products.

Keratin Power Glue from La'dor contains snail mucin that works to strengthen strands and coat hair with extra protection from heat damage. Keratin helps bring protein back to hair that's been damaged by chemical treatments or heat, while vitamin-packed moringa seed oil and collagen helps build strands back to health for extra shine and smoothness.

This hair essence will save anyone who needs their hair revived from color or heat damage or anyone who just wants their hair to look softer and silkier.

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