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Medi-Peel Lif-Tox Ampoule

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Enriching ampoule with collagen thread

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Solutions for:

-Loss of skin elasticity

-Dry and dull skin

-Moisture, wrinkle and shine concerns.

How to use:

1. Remove the top cap of the ampoule.

2. Remove the cap from the applicator by turning 3 ~ 4 times and insert the applicator into the central hole.

3. Tilt the bottle to take an appropriate amount from the ampoule using the applicator.

4. Apply the ampoule to the area needing care so that it is fully absorbed.

Product benefits

Take care of wrinkles around the eyes, nasolabial folds, forehead, lips and neck by increasing skin proteins.

Lift sagging and dull skin with marine retinol, a vitamin A enriching ingredient, and collagen threads!

The combination of gold and propolis ingredient makes skin more radiant than ever!

Make your skin healthy and firm with the patented ingredient formulation!

Contents: 30ml

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