MEDI-PEEL Royal Rose Premium Clay Mask


Clay mask for cleaning pores with rose



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Clay mask for cleaning pores with rose Medi-Peel Royal Rose Premium Clay Mask effectively removes dust and dirt, prevents the appearance of black spots and comedones. Improves facial tone, soothes redness and inflammation. The mask does not allow clogging of pores, regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, reduces the oiliness of the skin. Stimulates the processes of healing and renewal, strengthens the protective layer and improves the texture of the skin. The clay mask has a beautiful pink tint, is easily distributed on the skin and does not leave a feeling of tightness.
Anti-Sebum P (extracts of pine, elm, donkey, pueraria) is a complex of plant extracts aimed at suppressing the excessive activity of the sebaceous glands. Regulates sebexcitation, normalizes the oiliness of the skin, eliminates oily shine.
Extracts of 3 varieties of roses moisturize the skin and improve the processes of cell regeneration, smooth mimic wrinkles, normalize the production of sebum and tighten pores, eliminate allergic reactions on the skin.
Kaolin effectively cleanses the skin, dries and relieves inflammation, stimulates cell regeneration, absorbs toxins and other harmful substances from the surface of the skin. Softens, improves complexion, saturates the skin with useful minerals.
Calamine stimulates the restoration of the integrity of the skin, prevents the action of irritating factors, soothes irritation and inflammation, reduces swelling.
Sodium hyaluronate is a low molecular weight form of hyaluronic acid. It penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis, actively moisturizes cells, helps to retain moisture in the skin. It forms a protective layer that does not allow moisture to evaporate.
Suitable for oily and problem skin.

How to use: evenly apply the mask to cleansed skin, leave for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.


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