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An innovative product that gently but very effectively cleanses the skin of impurities, smoothes its surface, making the skin velvety and radiant.

The cleansing mist perfectly complements the RECLAR Galvanic Water Peeler beauty gadget during the ultrasonic peeling stage, softening the skin for deeper cleansing.

Allantoin fills the skin with moisture, strengthens the skin's natural protective barrier. Citric acid, apple mint leaf extract softens the keratinized layers of the skin. Trehalose deeply moisturizes the skin without the effect of stickiness.

This product does not contain alcohol, parabens and other potentially irritating ingredients, so it is suitable for owners of any skin type, including sensitive skin.


Cleansing Harmonizing Mist Re-balancing Facial Peeling Water together with Beauty Gadget Reclair

Apply a cleansing mist to cleansed skin 10cm away from the face, avoiding eye area

Turn on beauty gadget Reclair ultrasonic peeling function

Perform the peeling procedure with a cleansing mystic

After the peeling procedure, wash with water at room temperature


Cleansing harmonizing mist Re-balancing Facial Peeling Water without beauty gadget RECLAR

Apply a cleansing mist to a clean face with a spray or cotton pad

Wait 2-3 minutes, then do a light self-massage

Wash with water at room temperature


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