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WellDerma Warming Eye Mask

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  • It recovers eye farigue through a 20-minute daily comfortable relaxation of exhausted modern people's dry, fatigued eyes.
  • It helps you sleep comfortably and deeply with warmth and a scent of lavender that helps soothe both mind and body.
  • Thermal Eye Mask supports the ciliary body in functioning with warmth and delivers the warmth to deeper areas to prevent aged eye.

How To Use:

  1. Tear the packaging to open the Eye Mask along the cutting line in the middle.
  2. Have the pattem part of the Eye Mask faced outside when wearing it. (If not fitting well, adjust the length of ear loops to fit.)
  3. Take a rest for about 20 minutes in a comfortable position with eye closed.
  4. Remove an eye-shaped sticker from the packing box and attach it on the Eye Mask.
  5. You can attach an eye-shaped sticker as you like.

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