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MEDI-PEEL 5 Growth Factors Eye Tox Cream

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ye cream contains adenosine, a complex of 5 types of plant extracts, hydrolyzed collagen, oligo-peptide-1, etc. Eye cream creates a Botox effect, restores deep moisturizing and nourishes the skin with elasticity. It blocks the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles, which provides an excellent effect when correcting mimic wrinkles.

Effectively slows down the aging process of the skin and improves its appearance.

Adenosine is an amino acid that is formed in cells through metabolic cellular energy that helps get rid of wrinkles. It has a vasodilator and antiplatelet effect, improves macro- and microcirculation, determines a beneficial effect on tissue trophism and regeneration processes. Included in the most important coenzymes that regulate redox processes in cells.


Adenosine and so on.

How to use:

Apply the cream on the skin of the eye area in a circular motion.

Volume: 40 ml

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